Together, let's RECLAIM THE TABLE:
Nov. 16-Dec. 7 Sunday series
The table has long been the gathering place for friends, family, and food. Somewhere along the way our culture became more busy and we lost sight of our table traditions. Instead of meals, our tables hosted piles of mail. Instead of maintaining a place in our homes, it became the place of our homework.

But there’s something special about that table and the stories it holds.
Just in time for the Thanksgiving season, join us starting Sunday, Nov. 16 in the 10:30 a.m. service for a four-part series as we get back to a place of slowing down, enjoying the people around us and learning how to Reclaim The Table.

The series will continue each Sunday in the 10:30 a.m. service through Dec. 7.
On each of the four Sundays, we will have a drawing for a Safeway Gift Card that you can use to purchase a dinner to prepare at home and Reclaim The Table.  (Entries must be made by 10:35 AM each Sunday. Entries do not carry over from one Sunday to the next.)
On the final Sunday (Dec. 7) of the series, we will give away a 6-foot Reclaimed Table with Bench, complete with centerpiece consisting of a table runner and candles. (Entries can be made each week, giving each person, age 21 and over, up to four chances to win.)
Families also have an opportunity to send in photos eating at their table during the week that will be displayed each Sunday before the message. You can email pictures to or text them to 301-653-1028. Deadline for pictures is 1 p.m. on Thursday of each week for the following Sunday.
Don’t miss one of these exciting Sundays:  November 16 – December 7!

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